Therapist / Life Coach / Motivational Speaker / Consultant / MSW
Specializing in treating the affects of codependency
An Innovative Approach To Treatment
A loved one's alcoholism - Substance abuse - Anti-social behavior - Incarceration
Divorce - Toxic relationships
Individuals - Groups - Corporations - Criminal Justice Settings
" A personal connection changes everything. "
Information about Carla Wilson
Carla Wilson, MSW has spent over 15 years as a Correction Deputy at a Correctional facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan; clinically trained in chemical dependency and mental illness, Carla utilizes her educational intellect to inspire others to seek out their own awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Carla relies heavily on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon to bridge the gaps of traditional treatment models.

Carla has received numerous professional awards and recognition in the criminal justices arena.

Carla offers clinicians, officers, family and friends new insight when dealing with individuals who are addicted, or displaying anti-social behavior.

Carla has developed a strategy which she calls "
The Connection Principle"

"The Connection Principle" demonstrates highly effective communication strategies necessary for respectful and meaningful relationships.

Carla therapeutically challenges conventional thinking as she guides you back to your own personal power.  She is committed to lifelong learning and the
personal empowerment of others

American Mental Health Counselors Association
National Association of  Social Workers
Police Officer Association of Michigan
" It is my belief that individuals who are exposed to addictive behavior and toxic relationships will have a greater difficulty maintaining their own serenity.
   They are more likely to slide into their own disease of codependency and psychological turmoil.  It is imperative that we realize that it is our disease we are sliding into, and not the disease of our loved one. "