A 25-minute phone session at $50      
A 50-minute phone session at $75
or 3 25-minute phone sessions at $125
One 25 Minute Session
One 50 Minute Session
Three 25 Minute Sessions
One $25 Reschedule Fee
The following is a list of agreements for using the services on this site.
You are 18 years of age or older.
You are not suicidal.
You have no intentions of harming yourself or others in any way.
You are not currently under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
You are providing true information about yourself and your problem.
You understand that the Counselor shall not be liable for any claim of loss or damage
arising from the use of on-line counseling.
By prepaying the services fees you understand and you fully agree with the statements above
and with the
Professional Agreement.