"I've been off drugs since I got out of jail and my antidepressants have kicked in.  I'm feeling better than I have in 2 years.  I'd like to give you a lot of credit for this because you were so inspiring to me and I use the tools you relayed to me everyday!  I can't thank you enough.  You are one special lady!"   Glenn S.
"I want to thank you for making me to look at things in a different perspective, and to be grateful for the things and people in my life even though I am in jail.  I want to lastly thank you for being you and I am grateful to you because you don't come here just to get a paycheck, you come to make a difference in our lives and you have made me want to make a whole new career change".   Jay B.
"I would first like to say thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit, guidance and tools for being a better person.  I believe now that I have what was missing in my life to accomplish this and you have inspired me to do so.  You are truly a blessing to have in these surroundings, I thank you, and my children thank you".  David H.
"You made me feel comfortable with myself as well as my surroundings.  Your positive influence was exactly what I needed.  It has allowed me to look at my defects as well as my decision making."    Matthew S.
"Every morning, I look forward to seeing you because every time that we have the morning meditation it gets me relaxed and "on point".  You send me to a place that has nothing to do with jail.   Ms Wilson, you have taught me to look at my inner self and realize who I really am".   Zachary S.
"Not only did this lecture make me look deeper into my own self for answers as to "WHY" I continue my insane behavior but it also gave me hope - hope for the future & hope that maybe, everything truly does happen for a reason".    Katrina S.