Corporal Carla Wilson is an Inspirational Speaker who tours jails and prisons as well as education institutions.  Ms Wilson inspires and challenges individuals through her colorful personal testimonies and thought provoking messages.
  Corporal Carla Wilson brings her message of inspiration to individuals incarcerated in jails and prisons.  She does this by implementing a program of hope and healing, providing her services in facilities ranging from juvenile detention centers and county jails to maximum security prisons.
  Carla offers a comprehensive approach, a continuum of intervention techniques that are effective with both juvenile and adult populations.  Her unique and compassionate methods promote successful reintegration of ex-offenders into their communities.
  There are Approximately 650,000 individuals released from state and federal prisons each year, arriving on the doorsteps of our communities, nationwide.  An even greater number are released from correctional facilities due to overcrowding issues.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) over fifty percent of those released from incarceration will be in some form of legal trouble again within three years of their release.
Corporal Wilson goes into the school system to work with students, opening their eyes to choices they are making and the potential consequences of their actions.
The objective of this curriculum is to empower students.  Research indicates that a low self esteem is the leading cause of drug & alcohol abuse, crime, violence, incarceration and sometimes death.  Students will learn new methods of problem solving and strategies necessary to maintain meaningful relationships.  Carla therapeutically challenges conventional thinking as she guides students back to their own personal power. This process provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore tools that strengthen decision making and life long change.  Students and staff will find that Carla's approach to prevention is tremendously valuable as well as entertaining.
  "Every student needs to hear Carla's message before graduation"     
   "I take a lot of pride in my work!" I stay one hour after the conclusion of my program to talk with students, staff and offenders to further answer questions they may have."
   "My objective is to put on a GREAT presentation and help you reach your programming goals."

                   BOOKING INFORMATION
  To book Cpl. Carla Wilson, please call 734 337-2023.  You will work directly with Carla, Carla works independently and does NOT use any Speaker Bureau or agencies, so you save .
   No additional cost for travel or expenses.  Carla offers and all-inclusive price so that you don't pay extra.
  Considerable discounts for a second same day program, or half/all day program.
   Also ask about "Block Booking" discounts with other schools or organizations within a one hour drive -Both parties save.
                FAVORITE TOPICS
Finding Your Purpose
You have the Power to Change Your Life
Empower Yourself
Give Yourself Permission to Succeed
What Someone Else Thinks Of You Is None Of Your Business