The problems of anti-social behavior and chemical dependency affect not only the abuser but the people involved in his or her life as well.  This workshop is a must for individuals who are looking for solution-based treatment that will provide a foundation of life long strategies.
Too often training and conferences present information on approaches to treatment and overlook some of the basic issues related to the recovery process.   This workshop will focus on innovative strategies and inspirational stories that will leave you with hope and a new fulfilled direction.  Carla will reveal through her own experiences how many of the "Promises" of recovery have manifested in her personal and professional life.

*Explore family history and patterns
*Begin to trust in a safe, consistent environment with people who identify and understand
*Begin the process of forgiveness and start taking responsibility for your own well-being
*Learn to identify and ask for what you need
*Learn new methods of problem solving
*You will be provided with skills that will help you maintain long term success
"The Connection Principle "adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon
"Guided Meditation" is a must have resource for all interested in elevating the human condition within an institutional setting.  This manual will introduce you to a powerful, unique approach to offender rehabilitation and crime prevention.  Learn to apply this consciousness-based technique that promotes law-abiding, peaceful behavior leading to reduced recidivism and other favorable outcomes……..